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JNI Android平台之二调试

     源码及环境搭建等参见JNI Android平台之一实例(包、解决中文路径乱码、数组传入、传出) 。




2、右键点击工程->Android Tools->Add Native Support...


3.右键点击工程->Properties->c/C++ Build

    去掉Use default build command前的勾

    Build command 加上NDK_DEBUG=1



5、运行,Debug As->Android Native Applcation



    warning: Could not load shared library symbols for 88 libraries, e.g. /system/bin/linker.

    Use the "info sharedlibrary" command to see the complete listing.

    Do you need "set solib-search-path" or "set sysroot"?

    warning: Unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint function.

    GDB will retry eventurally.  Meanwhile, it is likely

    that GDB is unable to debug shared library initializers

    or resolve pending breakpoints after dlopen().

    [New Thread 18904]

    [New Thread 18905]





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